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Visit the links below for more information on Mile-A-Minute vine, other invasive species, plant identification, biological controls, native species and more.

Mile-A-Minute Vine:

University of Connecticut Mile-A-Minute web site:

Article from Weed Technology 2005: Intriguing World of Weeds
Mile-A-Minute: An increasingly Problematic Invasive Species

by Virender Kumar and Antonio DiTommaso (Cornell University)
This 7 page article (provided here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) provides detailed information and references about Mile-A-Minute Vine.
Click to download:   kumar.pdf

Information on Other Invasives:


Garlic Mustard — identification and control video:

Japanese Knotweed — "Controlling Knotweed in the Pacific Northwest" (2.3Mb):

Information on NATIVE & Invasive Species:

Delaware Department of Agriculture Publication "Mistaken Identity? Invasive Plants and their Native Look-Alikes" (7Mb):

"Plant It & They Will Come"

A virtual lecture by Doug Tallamy on native and invasive plants
This lecture was sponsored by Mad Gardeners in March 2021.

LINKS—Here are some links from Douglas Tallamy's talk:
• Homegrown National Park—
• Native Plant Finder—